Good Evening
Good Evening

Pia Toscano gets the judges to stand on 'American Idol'

Pia Toscano closes out the women's night on "American Idol" with one of my favorite songs, "I'll Stand By You."

She's just purely singing, nothing fancy. It's very sincere,a  heartfelt tone, which is exactly what you need. The right song, the right moment; plus the pipes to carry it off. Really smart song choice. The audience is totally into it, Randy Jackson is nodding.

Closes big, too. Great song and another standing ovation, with the judges, too.

"This is our first standing 'o' of the new season" says Randy Jackson. "That was unbelievable, that's how you do it!"

"WTF," says Steven Tyler, calls it unbelievable. She's very humble, taking it all in, just says thanks.

"Out of this world," says Jennifer Lopez.

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