Good Evening
Good Evening

'Portlandia' returns tonight

"Portlandia," quite possibly the funniest show you've never heard of, returns Friday on IFC at 10, and consider this brief post a hearty endorsement. Starring Fred Armisen and I believe now-former indie rocker and improv artist Carrie Brownstein, "Portlandia" is a glorious, inventive, smart, incisive --- running out of praisey words; must consult thesaurus -- send-up of people who embrace a certain type of lifestyle and mindset to the point where they have become absurd caricatures of themselves and said lifestyle.

Phew. That was a mouthful -- but it's all true. I didn't review this season for the paper, regrettably, but Hank Stuever of The Washington Post did. His write-up captures the flavor. Meanwhile, some clips . . . alas, barely representative, but it's all we got.

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