The web is full of various reports about renewals and cancellations....let's check 'em out...

 "Law & Order:" Not dead...yet. This whole story comes under the heading of "hot air." Creator Dick Wolf did what Dick Wolf does - throw his weight around, make a lot of noise, get people in a pannick, and then...surprise!...renewal. I'm not saying that's going to happen here, but the "talks are on-going" line from last night suggests that  the press fell for the same old story. And by the way - good for Wolf. You want that kind of heavy hitter in there battling for your show, and he's a battler. By saving "L&O" he achieves some personal glory, of course - 21 seasons and primetime history - but of greater significance,, he saves one of the great shows of TV (at least it was), many jobs, and a major New York production operation. I'm rooting for Dick and "L&O" and he can scream bloody murder at NBC any day of the week, as far as I'm conccerned. 

 "Heroes:" Expected to get a short order for next season to wrap things up, per reports. That makes sense. There's still a heart-beat here. Best to end it properly.

  "FlashForward:" Cancelled, per "EW."  This is no surprise - a renewal would have been a suprise. "FF" offered up the best pilot of the entire 2009-10 season:  A terrifically produced, acted, written, directed gem that promised great things and even the barest hint that this might replace "Lost" someday. flatlined. Stories were dull, and went no where, while the whole notion of people dissecting their "flashforward" and what it meant, and how they could change it became a dreary exercise in  TV exposition, whereby we learned far more about characters we barely knew or cared for than we ever wanted.  ABC tried to acccelerate the story-telling with veritable explosion of reveals when it returned from hiatus, but viewers simply never returned. Viewers can be like that.

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 "V:" Renewed! This is another report out there, and this is good news. I never cared much for the pilot, then "V" got better and better and better.