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'Princesses Long Island,' No decision on second season by Bravo yet

Four cast members of the new Bravo TV

Four cast members of the new Bravo TV series "Princesses: Long Island" step out. They are (left to right) Casey Cohen, 28, Jericho; Ashlee White, 30, Roslyn; Chanel Omari, 28, Great Neck; and Joey Lauren Brodish, 30, Freeport. Credit: Giovanni Rufino/Bravo

Say, whatever happened to "Princesses: Long Island," the Bravo series that managed to infuriate an entire community (Freeport) and a not-inconsiderable number of Jewish Long Islanders (including Steve Israel) yet still did brisk business for the network and even built a fanbase? 

In a word: Nothing. I've learned that four months after the first season's August wrap, Bravo has yet to make a decision on a second season, while True Entertainment, the New York-based production company behind "Princesses," doesn't even know where this is all headed, if anywhere.

(What do I think about a return engagement? Glad you asked. See below.)

I've also learned that not much can or should be read into that. A second season could still go forward -- or not. The cast members are still under contract through February, but contact renewals -- you may have heard -- are something that take place in the entertainment business all the time. This means (theoretically) that Bravo could easily re-negotiate a set of new deals with the current cast and begin taping next summer. It's possibly as simple as that.

So what's the holdup? I have a theory: Bravo wants some of the heat to die down. "Princesses" got a lot of attention during its short run, but much of it was not of  the sort that comes under the "Good Publicity" heading.

There was -- just to pick one isolated example -- that infamous shoot in front of the statue of fallen FDNY firefighter Jonathan Lee Ielpi, who died on 9/11. The outcry was so ferocious that Bravo was forced to expunge the scene. Missteps of this sort can be fatal. Then there was Huntington Democrat Steve Israel, who took this whack...

But the show, as mentioned, built a fanbase, ratings were decent and Bravo -- in all likelihood -- made money. Meanwhile, the website remains very much "up" and very much "active." That's another possible indication that the waiting game is being played here.

Meanwhile, no comment from Bravo...

And I trust my loyal readers know where I stand on this: "Princesses" should not come back. This is done - a mistake by Bravo that should not be compounded  by another season.  Nothing against the women who starred in this, and who I am sure meant no harm - but harm was done and a long hiatus can't escape that fact. "Princesses" was one of those rare shows that made people angry, or certainly some people angry - and made them angry because it not only reinforced stereotypes that are hurtful, but  managed something else that was just about unthinkable -  the aforementioned scene in front of Ielpi's statue.

 So time to move on. These women are smart and capable. They'll figure something else out besides a reality TV show (and I suspect they already have.)   

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