"Princesses: Long Island," from left, Erica Gimbe Chanel Omari, Amanda...

"Princesses: Long Island," from left, Erica Gimbe Chanel Omari, Amanda Bertoncini, Casey Cohen, Joey Lauren and Ashlee White. Credit: Bravo

"Princesses: Long Island" took a tumble in its second week on the air: 887,000 total viewers, which looks like a small number because it is a small number.

That's a drop of about 350,000 viewers from week one — not exactly what Bravo is or was looking for. (Though according to a spokeswoman, ratings are "always expected to go down 2nd week then build after that, hopefully. That  is common in new series on cable.")

Nevertheless, a climb over the premiere week's performance (1.24 million viewers) in the second week would have indicated definite traction, and offered the network some support in a decision to order a second season. A decline complicates matters, though it can certainly wait until next week to see if there's a bounce. (Obviously, if Bravo were to order a second season, it would want to do so shortly, to take advantage of the summer for shooting and production purposes.)

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