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36° Good Evening

Psy struts, Candice Glover and Jennifer Hudson join on 'American Idol'

Emeli Sande joins Amber Holcomb on "American Idol" to sing "Next To Me" -- it's a great pairing, their voices blend well and Holcomb more than holds her own.

She's got a voice that just slices through the static; you can't turn away when she's on stage.

Psy then strut out there, singing "Gentlemen." His flamboyance and utter confidence makes him always fun to watch; I imagine Lazaro Arbos sitting backstage taking notes.

Keith Urban then performs his new single, "Little Bit of Everything." It's good -- easy to listen to, nothing amazing but fun way to pass the time.

Candice Glover wraps up the first hour by singing "Inseparable," with Jennifer Hudson joining her. Their voices don't blend that well; actually a bit hard to listen to at times, even if both separately are fantastic singers. Just no magic out of this duet.

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