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‘Puppymonkeybaby’ puts Mountain Dew back in the Super Bowl commercial game

Mountain Dew's new Puppymonkeybaby ad for the Super

Mountain Dew's new Puppymonkeybaby ad for the Super Bowl features a little star who is, you guessed it, an amalgam of the three. Credit: Pepsico

What is it about babies, monkeys, puppies and Super Bowls?

They all go together, at least in advertising, which is the inspiration behind Mountain Dew’s first foray into the big game since 2000: A monstrous, but improbably cute, amalgamation of puppies, monkeys and babies called PuppyMonkeyBaby. Of course, there’s even a hashtag for it already, #puppymonkeybaby.

Mountain Dew’s Puppymonkeybaby was released — not from its cage, but rather the ad was released — Thursday morning. The critter stalks three guys sitting on a couch, licks one of them, dumps a bucket of ice on another, then gets them to dance.

As so often with Super Bowl commercials, the actual product is MIA, or barely present. It’s all about puppymonkeybaby.

Monkeys have been a huge Super Bowl presence for many years. Ad Age even put together a compilation of monkey shots earlier this week.

Puppies have also been everywhere, although this year Bud has dropped its puppy ad — one of the most popular from last year. Someone somewhere will fill the void — you can be certain.

Babies? Ah, babies. Super Bowl advertisers love them. There are theories why: They are cute, usually. They also appeal to male and female viewers, which means they have a broad-based appeal.

Also, per the NFL, babies are actually conceived during or more likely after Super Bowls. As proof of that unusual theory, the NFL posted an ad Monday, entitled “Super Bowl Baby Choirs,” featuring kids who were born nine months after a Super Bowl.


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