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Quickie predictions for 2010



  Crystal ball time. I know you've been waiting anxiously for this, as have I.

 Is the ol' ball cloudy or clear on issues great and small for the new year (another way of saying, is he bloody thing right or outrageously wrong? One can never be entirely certain...)

  And away we go...Here are four seemingly obvious calls...

 Simon Cowell stays an extra year at "Idol," thru '12, then exits. Too wrenching for "Idol" to lose him after '11, and he knows it/Fox 2. An extra year buys time, and SiCo also ends up launching "X Factor" next season too.

 Oprah announces there will be a talk show on OWN. Oh, not a "talk show," per se, but an "informational program that will enlighten people's lives in new and exciting ways"...etc.) No way OWN is gonna get off the ground in '11-12 without a SIZEABLE O presence.

 "Leno Show" gets cut back. I'm figuring it'll be to three nights a week - my original prediction and I'm sticking with it. All these other ideas (Jay at 8 or 10:30)  don't really solve or change anything but add more complications. Jay-three-nights-per-week opens the door to new dramas, new development, new energy at energy-deprived NBC.

 David Letterman
signs an extension agrees to plea deal with Halderman. Actually, I think I've got this one backwards. First the plea, then the extension - which was expected last year but for curious reasons was never signed. Joe Halderman's attorney has denied that there's some plea negotiation in the works, and deniability is easy on this one because how can the DA negotiate anything at this point in time with a new Manhattan DA starting as!? Will he (Cy Vance jr.) go with a plea deal? I think if Letterman wants one, sure. Trial's too distracting, embarrassing...a plea moves this off the table.


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