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Rainn Wilson talks Kierkegaard; 'The Farm;' 'Dark Knight's' Gordon-Levitt

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson Credit: Getty Images

We all know "Office" star Rainn Wilson to be a comic actor of unsurpassed abilities, as well as a Renaissance Dude, who has launched his own web-based channel, SoulPancake, and is now about to embark on an "Office" spin-off ("The Farm." ) But who knew he was friends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He is, and we do now. He  interviewed - I suppose that's the word - G-L recently on "SoulPancake" - posted below - and I interviewed Rainn via email (easier for both of us - he has a major career to build; I have some deep thoughts to think about last night's winner of "America's Got Talent." )

 Here's what the lad said: 

 Why did you start SoulPancake?

I was a bit of a philosophy nerd growing up. I mean there's no one cooler than Aristotle or Kierkegaard, right? And then I realized no one else thought that. So I wanted to create a place where it would be cool again to tackle life's big questions. SoulPancake was that place. It's a space where people can dive into what makes us human. SoulPancake started as a website (, and now we have a book, YouTube channel (, and production company where we create thought-provoking, positive content and conversation around creativity, spirituality, and philosophy.

 How'd you land a big get like guys pals?

Yep, Joe and I are friends. We worked together on a terrific indie film called Hesher, and he's a great guy - really thoughtful and very creative. And one hell of an actor. His creative web arts collective, is incredible. I loved having him in the back of my van. (That's what she said.) It wasn't as creepy as it sounds (see below)...

 I've seen your Facebook post on "The Farm" - as an "Office" backdoor pilot. But any other details on the show like - cast, plot, showrunner, overall series direction? Any additional details welcome...

We are shooting an episode of The Office titled The Farm. It introduces Schrutes that we've never met before -- Dwight's sister, Fannie, and her son, Cameron, who've been in Boston for 10 years, a brother Jeb, a pot farmer, and (Nazi-curious) Uncle Heinrich. Also there's Mose's brother, Zeke. We've assembled an AMAZING cast, and I'm so thrilled to be working with them! This episode will air sometime in the winter. If NBC decides to order more, then we would start filming and airing more episodes in the winter/spring. I'm really excited about it. I got to act with actual geese, snakes and goats.


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