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Ralph Macchio: Could he win 'DWTS'?

RALPH MACCHIO Huntington's own and the original Karate


Huntington's own and the original Karate Kid. Has the charm, the looks, and should have dance floor durability. Credit: Getty Images

Ralph  Macchio is all over today's redesigned Newsday -- and I hope you've checked it out. I think it looks pretty good and I'm not just saying that because I work here. Never was a big fan of that boxy "N" logo . . . and of course I've gotten entirely off-topic, haven't I?

Sorry. Back to Ralph Macchio: Could Mr. Twinkle Toes Long Island win "Dancing with the Stars?" My favorite to win is Hines Ward. He's a great player, and great athlete, etc., etc. But I like Macchio's chances to go far, if not all the way to the finish line. Reasons: 1.) He's not a bad dancer at all, I am told. In fact, I'm told he's a terrific one. One source tells me he was a superb tap dancer at all things at Half Hollow Hills West. He's been kind of "aw shucks" when asked about his skill, and talks about how his 49 years have caught up with him. But I think I smell a strategy here -- be modest and then kill when you hit the dance floor.  2.) ABC has pushed him to the front of the line in terms of publicity, which means that the network thinks he's got the most buzz of any star, which is probably true. (I mean, honestly, is anyone talking about Mike Catherwood? Is that even how you spell his name?) 3.) This show is about 40 percent personality contest, and Macchio should rank well in that category (check the clip from AOL). 4.) A guy will win this season. Take that one to the bank. After two female victories, ABC and "DWTS" want a guy back in the winner circle.



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