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Good Morning

Reality TV stars win 'The Amazing Race'

This doesn't happen often, and by "this" we mean that stars of a reality series win the big prize in another reality series — one of the biggest and certainly the most prestigious of them, notably "The Amazing Race," which concluded its 21st edition last night.

And if you do want to find out who the winners are, go to the jump, and if you don't want to find out don't go to the jump. Some obvious clues, however, kind of give this away. (The win was a bit controversial, I am told, in that some fans certainly hoped other teams would win — or at least a team  had actually won a challenge. This pair didn't win a challenge all season — is that some kind of record too?)

The Beekman boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge won the big prize. They are or were stars of Planet Green's "The Fabulous Beekman Boys." In fact, just to make this a bit more confusing .?.?. Planet Green no longer exists, and "The Boys" was later picked up by the Cooking Channel for a third season (no idea whether it's still on the air .?.?. )

For orientation purposes, two clips — first, from last night, and an old one from Planet Green (now called "Destination America").

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