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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ host Chris Harrison says no ‘major mistakes’ made, but show policies have changed

"Bachelor in Paradise" host Chris Harrison.

"Bachelor in Paradise" host Chris Harrison. Credit: ABC / Bob D’Amico

“Bachelor in Paradise” host Chris Harrison is playing down the changes that producers have implemented following allegations of contestant misconduct, which resulted in a brief production hiatus and an internal investigation that found no wrongdoing.

“I think publicly everyone is going to want us to come out and say, ‘We’ve changed everything!’ and that it will be earth-shattering,” Harrison, 46, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Wednesday. “We’ve really learned from our mistakes, but there really weren’t any major mistakes made,” he insisted, adding that, “Yes, we’ve made some changes but if you talk to the cast, they’ve always been the most important thing to us — taking care of them and their safety.”

The show’s production company, Warner Bros., had said on June 20 it was resuming work on the fourth season and planned “to implement certain changes to the show’s policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants.” A complaint that contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios had become inebriated and were behaving inappropriately had led to the brief shutdown. The company’s investigation found no wrongdoing. Production sources reportedly said there would now be a 2-drink limit per person, per hour, reported last month.

Harrison maintained that contestants consuming too much alcohol has “never been a big thing for us. That’s a big misconception of the show — that we push it, and that we need it and we want it. But that really doesn’t help us. Someone being sloppy drunk and being out of it does not give us good television . . . On the contrary, we want people to be of their right mind and give us a better story to show. So while we’re going to talk about rules and talk about certain things and have a dialogue, you’re not going to notice major changes.”

The new season, originally scheduled to begin Aug. 8, is now set for Aug. 14.

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