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‘Bachelor’ star Chris Soules’ 911 call made public

 Chris Soules is scheduled to appear in court

 Chris Soules is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. Credit: Getty Images / Terry Wyatt

Before allegedly leaving the scene of the crash Monday, former “The Bachelor” star Chris Soules had called 911 after his pickup truck hit a tractor, killing its driver.

In publicly released 911 audio first posted by, Soules, 35 — who was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with leaving the fatal scene — is heard telling the female operator that an accident has occurred just north of Aurora, Iowa. Soules, a farmer, lives in nearby Arlington, Iowa.

“I rear-ended a guy on a tractor,” he says, and moments afterward confirms that the man — later identified as local farmer Kenneth Mosher, 66 — is injured.

“Is the tractor in the ditch?” the operator asks. “Yes, yes,” a winded and upset but lucid Soules replies. “OK, and the guy was thrown into the ditch?” “Yes.”

After being heard informing others at the scene that help is coming, Soules confirms to the operator that the man is “not conscious.” When she asks for the caller’s name, Soules provides it.

“Is he breathing, sir?” the operator asks. “I can’t tell. He doesn’t appear to be,” Soules responds. He tells her the tractor is not atop the man, and when she asks if Soules knows how to perform CPR, he responds he does not. After the operator ascertains other people are at the scene, she has Soules ask if any of them knows CPR, adding, “I can talk you through it, if you’re near the patient.”

Soules then announces, “There’s blood!” and tells the operator, “I can feel a pulse. Yeah, he’s got a pulse.” After asking Soules to check again if the man is breathing, the operator tells him, “OK, Chris, yeah. I’m gonna stay on the line with you. We have law enforcement, medical en route to you.” But moments later, Soules asks, “Can I call you back?” and the recording ends. Mosher later was declared dead at a local hospital.

Authorities told The Associated Press that before emergency vehicles arrived, Soules left in another truck, its driver’s identity unknown or unreleased. When Buchanan County Sheriff’s deputies went to Soules’ home to arrest him, Assistant County Attorney Jenalee Zaputil told the AP, the former reality-TV star refused to leave his home, and hours passed before police were able to obtain a search warrant in order to complete the arrest.

Later that morning, Soules was freed on $10,000 bond. He must wear an ankle-bracelet monitor and has turned in his passport. His next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.


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