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LIers Dina Lohan, Anthony Scaramucci begin their time on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Dina Lohan and Anthony Scaramucci are both on

Dina Lohan and Anthony Scaramucci are both on CBS' "Celebrity Big Brother." Credit: Composite: Getty Images for Daily Mail / Slaven Vlasic, left; Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff

Long Islanders Dina Lohan and Anthony Scaramucci introduced themselves to their fellow houseguests on the season premiere of CBS' "Celebrity Big Brother" Monday night, before teaming on a task.

Calling herself "an OG 'momager,' " or manager-mom of actress daughter Lindsay Lohan and her other children, Lohan, 56, of Merrick, said of her public persona, "The haters, they're just trying to find a story. But most people in our lives around us love us. Because we're real." She added, "I just love competition. If somebody tries to backstab me, so much for them. … I'm gonna be the housemother, sweeping everyone out the door,” she said,

Wall Street financier Scaramucci, 55, originally from Port Washington and now living in Manhasset, served for 10 days as President Donald Trump's director of communications in mid-July 2017 before being fired by then-chief of staff John Kelly. He blamed his abrupt dismissal on "a combination of things, but the main thing was I was fighting with [presidential adviser] Steve Bannon and [then-White House chief of staff ] Reince Priebus." 

Comparing the dynamics to the Old West's "shootout at the OK Corral," he said that, "Priebus and Bannon did not want me in that job, so then they started making up stories. But I got my ego involved, right? … I said something inappropriate to a reporter, went after those two guys." After Preibus' own departure, successor Kelly fired Scaramucci. Kelly, Scaramucci noted, is "gone now, too."

He went on to state, "I still get along with the president. I talk to him probably once or twice a month but I'm usually the one making the call." Scaramucci noted, "I would think that a portion of the public probably dislikes me because of my Trump support, but I had a great time."

Lohan picked Scaramucci as her partner for the first competition, "Drinks on Us," in which contestants holding Champagne glasses pair up on swings. One tries to capture "Champagne" spouting from a giant bottle, and then transfer that water to the partner, who pours it into a giant Champagne flute until a plastic ball rises and drops out.

"Alright, Strong Island, Strong Island," Scaramucci said upon being picked. Lohan explained to the camera, with an embarrassed laugh, "I gravitated toward Anthony because — I'm gonna be quite honest — I couldn't remember everyone's names!"

The two fared poorly in the difficult task, prompting Scaramucci in a camera insert to apologize for his part in the effort, promising Lohan "a case of Champagne when we get back to Long Island."

The episode ended in a cliffhanger, with no one eliminated. On Tuesday’s show, Scaramucci was one of three houseguests nominated by Ryan Lochte for eviction, joining comedian Tom Green and actor Jonathan Bennett on the “chopping block.” The first houseguest will be officially evicted on Friday’s show.


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