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George Lopez lightens up 'Take Me Out,' new dating show

Multi-talented entertainer George Lopez, left, will host 'Take

Multi-talented entertainer George Lopez, left, will host 'Take Me Out,' the provocative and unpredictable new dating series. Photo Credit: FOX

THE SHOW "Take Me Out"

WHEN | WHERE Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox/5

WHAT IT'S ABOUT George Lopez-hosted dating game show in which 30 women are lined up at podiums and asked to choose whether they want to date a bachelor who's trotted out for their inspection. If they don't like the guy, they press a button and the light goes out on their podium. Final round is the guy's -- he picks a finalist to go out on a date from multiple ladies who may have chosen him. Fox didn't have a review copy but did send out a nine-minute clip for my inspection.

MY SAY Of tonight's two Fox dating shows, this one appears to be the better bet -- which is not exactly a resounding endorsement (see "The Choice" review above). But at least "Take Me Out" has plenty of energy and camp; you can even picture (I did) viewers hooting at their TV set, or maybe throwing a half-eaten hot dog at it. That's called "engagement," and "engagement" is usually a good thing in TV. Usually. In the clip, Lopez cracks a few groaners -- "will it be lust or bust?" -- but that appears to be part of "Take Me Out's" cheesy charm.

BOTTOM LINE A brief clip was certainly entertaining. How's the full show? You're on your own there, friend.


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