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In 'Princesses Long Island' preview, nobody looks good

Great Neck's Chanel Omari of

Great Neck's Chanel Omari of "Princesses: Long Island" starred on the show during its only season, in 2013. Credit: Bravo

Oy vey. This doesn't look good for Jews or Long Island.

Or, for that matter, Bravo, the network that appears to have jammed every cliche about six (mostly) Jewish women of a certain age (20s) and provenance (the Gold Coast, Great Neck and other LI points south and east) into a TV blender and hit the "high" button, resulting in "Princesses: Long Island."

"Look what I have! MANISCHEWITZ!" squealed one cast member at the outset of a four-minute trailer released Wednesday, followed by other cast members squabbling, fighting, uttering the periodic bleeped expletive while otherwise behaving like someone's idea of badly behaving rich girls. In another scene, one woman hails another with the traditional Jewish Sabbath greeting, "Shabbat Shalom." To which the other responds with a vulgarity.

Bravo's description of "Princesses" promises that the show will be an exploration of a sociological phenomenon, about the privileged "boomerang" generation forced to move back with the parents.

The trailer promises otherwise.

Look, it's not fair to judge a series -- arriving June 2 -- from a trailer, but reality TV isn't about fairness either. It's about ratings, and money, and sometimes pandering to an audience's desire to watch Rich People Behaving Badly. And that, of course, spawned Bravo's sprawling and very successful "Real Housewives" franchise.

"Jersey Shore" -- to which "Princesses" has already been compared -- took a different tack. On that MTV show, kids got drunk, acted like idiots, and proudly called themselves "guidos." Italian-American groups and the entire state of New Jersey reacted strongly.

Will the Anti-Defamation League take note of "Princesses" -- a loaded word, by the way, with almost barely disguised anti-Semitic implications? How about Long Island, which has enough image problems already?

Or is an ADL backlash, and the attendant blast of publicity, part of the whole plan to launch another potential Bravo hit?

Meanwhile, don't take my word for it. Check out the trailer. Bravo certainly wants you to.

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