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LI car restorer stars in new series, 'The Lost Corvettes'


Hicksville-based Dream Car Restorations, owned by Gotham Comedy Club founder Chris Mazzilli, is the star of a new History Channel docuseries, "The Lost Corvettes." Credit: History Channel

Chris Mazzilli, the veteran comedy producer who also owns Hicksville-based Dream Car Restorations, will be featured in a six-part series, "The Lost Corvettes" (airing Saturdays at 10 p.m. on FYI and Sundays at 10 a.m. on History).

This docuseries has a particularly unusual background involving Mazzilli, the founder and co-owner of Manhattan-based Gotham Comedy Club, and one of the world's most prominent pop artists, the Berlin-born Peter Max. While "Lost Corvettes" will be about the restoration of 36 classic cars currently housed in Mazzilli's Hicksville facility, it is the history of these particular cars that is so curious (and curiouser):

Max, now 82 and living in New York, purchased the cars over a number of years for reasons unknown — perhaps to be part of a public art project, perhaps simply because he loved Corvettes. But he left many in public garages, where they gathered dust and rust. In 1989, VH1 bought the cars as part of a contest to raffle off the most prized set of classic Corvettes in the world. (The winner was Dennis Amodeo of Huntington Station, by the way.)

Then Max decided he wanted them back (again, for reasons unknown), and their serpentine journey continued — a journey, by the way, that finally comes to an end in "The Lost Corvettes." 

Per Mazzilli's publicist, he and "his partners at Corvette Heroes, the group that now owns the cars, are fixing them up to give them away through a national raffle — with proceeds going to military veterans."

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