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Review: 'Shahs of Sunset,' familiar Bravo fare

Reza Farahan, Golnesa

Reza Farahan, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi in "Shahs of Sunset" in the episode "Pool Party" . Photo Credit: Bravo

REALITY PREMIERE "Shahs of Sunset"

WHEN | WHERE Sunday at 10 p.m. on Bravo

REASON TO WATCH Can give a reason not to watch. Would that work?

WHAT IT'S ABOUT In Beverly Hills, there is a group of pals who are affluent -- what else? -- somewhat full of themselves, and terribly pampered. They drink a lot (maybe too much), act out, and talk about getting it on (though whether they actually do is unclear from the pilot).

Yes, this is the standard recipe for a Bravo reality series, but what's unique here is their provenance. They are Persian-Americans whose families emigrated here for the very, very good life. They include Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, self-described Persian Princess; Mike Shouhed, self-described "Persian Real Estate Mafia" member; Reza Farahan, openly gay real estate developer; Mercedes "MJ" Javid, real estate agent/dog lover; Sammy Younai, fast-talking developer; and Asa Soltan Rahmati, singer who thinks her friends are a bit much.

MY SAY Really, what is there left to say? If you suck in a breath anywhere within the confines of Beverly Hills -- and, better yet, behave in a manner that says in big, bold bright letters: "Kick Me! I'm a Rich Obnoxious Jerk!" -- then you, too, would be fodder for a Bravo reality series. There are some colorful personalities here -- Reza, in particular; but otherwise, this crew feels terribly familiar.

What's missing are drinks thrown and blouses torn -- that's possibly because one cast member actually sued Bravo for portraying her (negatively, duh) in such a fight scene. As reported in TMZ, the complaint read "What developed was a bullying session wherein the cast members became verbally abusive to plaintiff, then someone tried to strip plaintiff's top off and another cast member by the name of Reza threw a cup of water in plaintiff's face." (Hey, I did warn you that Reza's colorful.) She was excised from the pilot. Too bad. Might've made this interesting.

BOTTOM LINE Ho hum. Another insufferable nose-pressed-against-the-glass reality romp that says the rich are just like you and me -- only rich, and exceedingly, tiresomely narcissistic.


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