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Rich reality: 'Pregnant in Heels'

Rosie Pope, right, helps an expecting father feel

Rosie Pope, right, helps an expecting father feel what his wife is going through in "Pregnant in Heels" Photo Credit: handout


Sometimes crazy people can be really entertaining.


Tuesday night at 10 on Bravo

What would you do if you had unlimited funds and were expecting a baby? Would you hire someone to buy all the gear and decorate the nursery? How about bring in a makeup artist and hairdresser to your hospital bed to make sure you look fabulous in your post-birth photos? Or seek professional help in rekindling some of your pre-preggers intimacy?

Pampering yourself, getting expert advice and delegating some responsibilities doesn't seem like such a bad idea when freedom is about to slip away, you have gained 60 pounds of baby weight and are already mad busy with work (although putting all that cash in a college fund would certainly be smarter). That's where Rosie Pope struts in -- the long-legged Upper East Side-based concierge/maternity fashion designer who, like her clients, has a penchant for high heels.

We see Pope at the top of each episode in the back of a town car receiving a call describing her new client that day and what she needs. Based on her assistant's involuntary chuckle, you can tell how outrageous each assignment will be.

Off-the-charts absurd is the couple that cannot decide on a baby name, so they hire Pope, who brings together an academic think tank to come up with a list of possibilities, then holds a focus group with movers and shakers to narrow down the names. Needless to say, even after throwing out the possibilities to their closest friends over a dinner party, they still choose the name no one likes.

Through it all, Pope is likable, something viewers will realize after they see her receiving painful IVF shots to have the second child she's always wanted but cannot seem to have. Even with the hormones coursing through her body, she manages to gently remind her clients before completing each assignment what it means to be humble.

MY SAY My pregnant friends polish up the hand-me-downs, shop for the rest of their gear at Target and worry to death about how to make ends meet when it comes to child care. They know what to name their offspring. That's what makes this new Bravo show exploiting the rich all the more fascinating.

BOTTOM LINE Reality TV addicts will love seeing how the other half births.


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