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LI teacher Tiffany Seely stays alive on 'Survivor'

Tiffany Seely of Plainview made it through Week

Tiffany Seely of Plainview made it through Week 2 of CBS' "Survivor." . Credit: CBS / Robert Voets

Plainview middle school teacher Tiffany Seely survived again on this week's episode of "Survivor" season 41, despite being at the center of a dramatic arc.

After performing poorly on a balance-beam challenge, and taking blame for her Yase tribe's loss in that, she appeared to solidify her alliance with teammates Evvie Jagoda and Liana Wallace.

The three women planned to eliminate teammate David Voce, though there was uncertainly whether fellow teammate Xander Hastings might be more a threat. In the end, Voce was voted off the island.

Meanwhile, Glen Head college student Samaera Hirsch, aka CGI avatar Misty Rose, did not perform on Wednesday's edition of the Fox musical competition "Alter Ego." She had previously been voted on to the next round.

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