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LI singer Bella DeNapoli eliminated on 'The Voice'

Bella DeNapoli of West Islip performs on "The

Bella DeNapoli of West Islip performs on "The Voice" Top 20 eliminations show, Nov. 9, 2021. Credit: NBC / Trae Patton

In a journey's end that brought coach Ariana Grande close to tears, West Islip's Bella DeNapoli was eliminated from the Top 20 singers on NBC's "The Voice" Tuesday night, as season 21 narrowed to 13 acts.

In a first round of tentative eliminations early in the episode, Grande team-members DeNapoli, 22, and Raquel Trinidad, 23, were not among the two picked by viewer votes to continue on that team (Holly Forbes and the duo Jim & Sasha Allen), nor the one "save" that Grande was allowed (Ryleigh Plank).

A highly emotional Grande appeared to choke back tears as she faced choosing which singer to save. " I … I just … I mean, I — everyone is equally — I don't have any idea what to say," she stammered. "You all are so brilliant and some of the most incredible vocalists and human beings I've had the privilege of getting to know and work with. I will be here as a friend, as a mentor, if you want — I'm a FaceTime away, everyday, forever," she promised.

In the next stage of the process, viewer votes determined which of each team's two tentatively eliminated singers would get the chance to perform for a Wild Card slot. Of the two from Grande's team, DeNapoli had the most votes, sending home Trinidad — who had similarly made the top 20 on ABC's "American Idol" season 17 in 2019.

For her Wild Card song, DeNapoli, in an ankle-length, 1960s-inspired print dress of swirling colors, confidently belted a saucy, hip-swinging "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera, prompting Grande to dance in her seat, singing along and snapping her fingers.

"That was phenomenal," pop star Grande said afterward. "That was so much fun. I am obsessed with you — I've been obsessed with you since Day One. America," she pleaded for votes, "I need you to whip out your devices and … get busy for Bella DeNapoli!" She told the Long Islander, "We're so blessed to know you and to see you grow this whole time. You're amazing."

Despite her strong performance, DeNapoli was not the viewer-voted choice among the five Wild Card hopefuls. A visibly distraught Grande in rapid-fire speech told her, "Your sense of artistry is just so sharp and just so clearly who you are, and you put that into every performance. And that's something that you can't teach … that's something that has to come from the person and the artist." Praising DeNapoli's "phenomenal gift of a voice," the star exclaimed, "Let's sing together! Please."

On Wednesday afternoon, DeNapoli on Instagram wrote in a three-photo post, "there are no words other than i am blessed." The images were selfies of a somber-looking-but-pleased DeNapoli from Tuesday night, apparently taken after her elimination. In the last selfie, she smiles with her eyes closed.

On Instagram Stories, where posts cycle out after 24 hours, DeNapoli had added a photo of flowers she had received, crediting the bouquet to Grande. She reposted the same selfie from her three-image post where she was smiling with her eyes closed, writing in graphical text, "blessed is an understatement."

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