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Wendy Williams revealed as 'Lips' on 'The Masked Singer'  

Who was underneath the giant "Lips" on "The

Who was underneath the giant "Lips" on "The Masked Singer"? That would be talk-show host Wendy Williams.   Credit: Composite: FOX / Michael Becker; Getty Images for New York Women in Film & Television / Lars Niki

Despite two judges guessing her identity and being eliminated after her first song, daytime talk-show host Wendy Williams says she thoroughly enjoyed her appearance Wednesday night on the Fox musical game show "The Masked Singer."

"Singing and dancing is not my thing. Y'know, I'm a talk-show host," Williams, 56, said in a video on the show's Facebook page following her unmasking from a giant lips costume after having performed "Native New Yorker," the 1977 disco hit by Odyssey. "But there's certain things in life that you want to challenge yourself to do."

Calling the experience "frightening but fun," Williams, who was born in New Jersey, explained that she was quick to respond when the show called. "This is a first-class show," she said. "I'd be a fool to turn down the invitation to be on this show. And then once I accepted it, I'm, like, 'Uh! What am I getting myself into?' … I can't sing, I can't dance, but I know how to have fun."

Panelists Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger correctly surmised Williams' identity. Robin Thicke guessed Academy Award-winning actress Allison Janney, while Ken Jeong took much ribbing for supposing it was Long Island-raised music superstar Mariah Carey.

Williams told People magazine of the experience, "The song that I sang, I already liked. I didn't go for vocal training or anything like that. I am who I am. I sing how I sing. My most important thing was keeping the secret. My staff didn't know." Her manager did, Williams told Us Weekly, but no one in her family. "It was so hard keeping a secret because it was very exciting to me," she told Us Weekly of her previously recorded appearance on the show. "We couldn't go out for dinner or go out in L.A. [where the show is produced] or anything so it was just to set and back to the hotel!"

On the show's Facebook video, Williams told viewers, "Challenge yourself. It doesn't matter how old your are. The younger you are, though, to start challenging yourself, the more you'll be used to it by the time you get to middle age or older."

"Thanks for having me," Williams tweeted to the show Thursday morning. She later tweeted video of Thursday's talk show episode, in which she discussed the experience. "Couldn't keep my lips sealed ... I had such a great time!" she wrote alongside the post.

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