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LI couple (plus his ex and her fiance) featured on new TLC show

Wendy, Jimmy, Lisa and Jack appear in a

Wendy, Jimmy, Lisa and Jack appear in a publicity shot for the TLC series "You, Me and My Ex." Credit: TLC

A Long Island married couple, along with the husband's former wife and her fiance, constitute one of five unconventional relationships portrayed on TLC's new reality-TV series "You, Me & My Ex," airing Sundays at 10 p.m.

At the core of the local bunch is Jimmy Marchica, 54, a construction owner born in Syosset and raised in Bay Shore and East Islip before living in Florida as a teen and then returning to Bay Shore, where he has lived ever since. In 1987, he met fellow Long Islander Lisa-Ann Yule, now 52, and the couple eventually married and had a son, Dominick James Marchica, in April 1999.

They divorced a short time later, due in part to infidelity Jimmy Marchica admits to in the first episode, which ran Sunday. He went on to marry North Babylon High School alumna Wendy Waters, now 48, with whom he had son Alexander, now 14. Lisa is now involved with businessman John "Jack" Marchesi, 55, originally from Bernardsville, New Jersey; he's referred to on the show as her fiance, though as early as 2013, in an essay at the website The Story Exchange, Lisa refers to him as "my husband John."

Go-getter Lisa is the one who alerted the other three about the new series, whereas TLC describes: "Jimmy and Lisa consider each other best friends and talk on the phone for hours almost every day and even own a business together" — Bella D'Oliva, an olive-oil importing company. (Lisa is also a vice president at the insurance giant NFP.) The exes' initiatives intertwine in other ways, as well, says Jimmy in a phone interview with Newsday: "A lot of my business is consulting on construction with Lisa through her sources."

He's sanguine about what TLC describes as Wendy thinking Lisa is jealous of Wendy's marriage with Jimmy, and Lisa satisfied that she is Jimmy's first love. Jimmy concedes that Wendy did not initially get along with Lisa, who has lived with Jack in the Gillette section of Long Hill Township, New Jersey, since 2012. But the women, both on the show and in their social media, appear to be friends now.

That change was both "gradual and a breakthrough," Jimmy says. "There were multiple reasons that the relationships got stronger. I think it had a lot to do with maturing and our looking at ourselves and whatnot. ... And there also were some milestones that helped it along." As for Jack, Jimmy admires him as "a stand-up guy."

Jimmy says of himself that he has outgrown his mistakes. "I think it was growing older and maturing and becoming more rational and reasonable and slowing down. I've evolved quite a bit, he says. "I just don't feel like I grew up until I was in my forties."

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