Katie Couric -- who less than three years ago launched a daytime talk show and lucrative association with ABC News -- is close to securing a deal with Yahoo, possibly for a celebrity and newsmaker interview show, and severing her ties with the network's news division.

The Hollywood Reporter late Friday said Couric was "finalizing" an exit from her ABC News association. An industry source close to Couric said any potential deal with Yahoo would have no impact on her syndicated daytime talk show, which will continue another year. Disney has made no decision on whether to continue the show beyond next year, but its performance is widely believed to be below what ABC and Disney had hoped for. She only rarely appears on the news division's various programs.

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Couric has long had an association with Yahoo; her "Katie's Take" already features interviews with celebrities and so it remains unclear how much more extensive any deal with Yahoo might be. Her ongoing discussions with Yahoo were first reported by the website AllthingsD.com last August, which noted then that a "Couric deal would be much more substantive , centering on exclusive interviews with a range of high-profile celebrities, business execs and more, done by her specifically for the Web and prominently featured on the Yahoo homepage."

Couric's spokesman late Friday declined to comment.