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Report: NBC bites on modern-day 'Hatfields & McCoys'

Charlize Theron arrives at the MTV Movie Awards.

Charlize Theron arrives at the MTV Movie Awards. (June 3, 2012) in Los Angeles. Credit: AP

It was bound to happen: Someone, somewhere says "oh look, the History Channel's 'Hatfields & McCoys' was seen by 14.3 million viewers on its final night, according to the Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Maybe we can make a TV series that we can sell to NBC about the Hatfields & McCoys? They'll buy anything...." 

  And, indeed...

  Deadline Hollywood has the hot story, but I forgot to add the kicker: Charlize Theron is attached (though almost certainly not to star in, but to make money in.) Let's face it: If Charlize Theron was attached to anything - say, a series about growing potatoes - any network would take a serious look (and the CW would not only buy it, but promise to make charitable donations to potato farmers for decades.) Charlize Theron - whom Deadline says is "producing" - is probably a bit more magical a name than "Hatfields and McCoys" (you think?!) and NBC, if indeed it does bite, must be thinking that it can prevail upon her to star. To which I say, best of luck. 

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