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Report: 'The Office' will do a reunion finale

Steve Carrell of

Steve Carrell of "The Office" Credit: Steve Carell of "The Office" (Getty Images)

"The Office" - ending May 16 and with it a big piece of NBC comedey history - will embrace a "Survivor"-like "reunion" finale, according to a report in the New York Times. No many other details but the report does indicate that there is one instance during the blow-out when it could conceivably be possible that Steve Carell's Michael Scott will also turn up from his married life in Denver. 

  And as fans read this, they have to ask: How could he not? After all, it would hardly be a reunion special without Michael so let's just go ahead and report it right now: Michael will be here,)

 Now, what would a reunion special be like? I'm thinking it would be more along the lines of a "Real World" reunion because a "Survivor" reunion wouldn't specifically work in this context since an actual game didn't unfold within the framework of Dunder Mifflin but rather a long and inscrutible sociological experiment. 

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