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Good Morning

Reports: Michael Strahan to replace Regis Philbin

Ex-Giant Michael Strahan speaks during a press conference.

Ex-Giant Michael Strahan speaks during a press conference. Credit: AP, 2008

It's a great — or strange — day for Texas Southern and Big Blue: Michael Strahan is expected to be named Regis Philbin's replacement on "Live! with Kelly" when the show announces Kelly Ripa's co-host on the Sept. 4 edition.

 ABC earlier today declined to comment on the reports — including a prominent one at "Broadcasting & Cable," the respected trade for the television industry which reported that several sources had confirmed the appointment. (I — ahem — also speculated yesterday that Strahan was a front-runner if not THE front-runner. But that was speculation; this looks solid.)

Why Strahan? Why not!

Here are the reasons why I think this just might work and work well:

1.) He's all charisma. That gap tooth! That huge smile! The guy knows how to work a camera perfectly.

2.) He fills up a room, and I do mean the whole dang room. I remember when he was out at press tour promoting his forgettable sitcom "Brothers." When he spoke into the mike, the icicles fell from the rafters.

3.) He's smart. I've long admired his work on Fox's "NFL Sunday;" stands his ground, and knows what he's talking about. Too bad "Live!" isn't a football show — maybe he'll fix that. (All indications are that he'll stay with Fox, too.)

4.) He knows how to do live TV — not easy, friends! You gotta figure out the mood of the room, then play along. Anything can go wrong, and you better be ready to embrace Murphy's law when it does.

 5.) He'll be a good match to Kelly. She's kind of girlish and silly at times; he'll be big and brotherly. He knows when to laugh at her jokes and she knows when to laugh at his. They even seem to kind of like each other.

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