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'Risky' Haley Reinhart does unreleased Lady Gaga on 'American Idol'

Haley Reinhart is doing an unreleased Lady Gaga song that she's just been doing at concerts, "You and I." This could be very interesting. It could vault her into the final three.

Wow, her distinctive crackly voice really works well with this, and she's appropriately sultry and brassy. Not a great song in and of itself, but it's a good performance. She's loose, and at times a bit much, at least it's not same old thing.

Jennifer Lopez is honest -- "even though that was a cool idea, not sure that was the best advice" to do a song like this. But I think part of Haley is she's totally unpredictable and self-indulgent, almost like a spoiled kid.

Randy Jackson says "I'm not sure it's that great of a song," adds "it's so risky to do something people really don't know."

Steven Tyler liked it, cause you know, he's in the tank for her. Then says, "I think you're just one perfect song away from being the 'American Idol.'"

I actually agree. Haley has such extremes, when she's good, she makes you want to rewind and relisten.

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