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Overcast 25° Good Evening

Ro's formal talk show announcement...

 Here it is!

 The press release, so it must be official. And real. (You already know how I feel about this ill-advised venture; see below)...

 Launch set 2011...

"In many ways I am way more equipped and prepared to do this show than my last one,”
says O’Donnell. “I’ve evolved and grown and learned a lot about myself over the last
eight years. The business has changed significantly since I left and obviously, come
fall 2011, daytime television will change in a very dramatic way. I want to build on what Oprah began and excelled at for 25 years, in my own style and with new adaptations and ideas. I would like this show to make a difference in viewer’s lives, to be real, uplifting, authentic and focus on life, love and laughter..."

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The show will typically focus on a single subject with in-studio guests and include
the occasional pre-taped packages to add dimension and context to the stories being
told. Episodes will be taped before a live studio audience five days a week in
Manhattan. The show is to be Co-Executive Produced by Rosie O’Donnell and Scott

Scott Carlin and Dick Robertson are just as thrilled about the new venture, "We're
doing this first and foremost because we believe with every ounce of our being that
Rosie is one of the most extraordinary entertainers, producers and forces of good in
our country.”

PHOTOS: Rosie O'Donnell through the years.

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