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Few Clouds 34° Good Morning

Rob Zombie takes over 'CSI'

For some strange reason, I woke up in a Rob Zombie kind of mood this morning.

Maybe it was the 8 feet of snow on the ground outside, which reminded me of  "The Shining," which reminded me of ax murders and homicidal maniacs which - quite naturally - reminded me of Rob Zombie.

  Not, of course, that Rob is a homicidal maniac. But he is one heck of bloody-minded director, and a good one too, and who will be taking over "CSI:Miami" on Monday?

 Rob Zombie!

  Oh joy. Man, I hope there's a cameo in here somewhere.

 In any event, I've posted the promo - it's rivetting, to say the least.

  And in the unlikely event you've never heard of Rob, I thought - well - maybe you should hear Rob. And you know what I'm talkin' 'bout..."Superbeast!!"

  Let 'er rip...

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