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Robert Wagner, 'NCIS': Art imitating, um, life?

As you know, the L.A. County's sheriff's office is reopening the Natalie Wood file -- which sounds like a  job for "Cold Case" or even "NCIS."

Honestly, neither, but what a strange, bizarre, kooky coincidence that Wagner's DiNozzo is arrested on next Tuesday's show after a body is found in a trunk of a car he was driving ... and he has no recollection of how the stiff got there. Not that this has any bearing whatsoever on a tragedy that happened 30 years ago, but still kind of strange.

As "NCIS" fans know, Wagner's DiNozzo returned to the series a couple weeks ago; he's DiNozzo's -- Michael Weatherly -- dad.  Thanks to my colleague John Valenti for telling me about this promo ...

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