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Robin Williams 'Pioneers of Television' tribute airs Sept. 9 on PBS

This is the perfect Robin Williams part, in

This is the perfect Robin Williams part, in which the late icon combines his astonishing improv skills and his seemingly contradictory aptitude for moments of quiet strength to play Vietnam War DJ Adrian Cronauer. Credit: Touchstone Pictures

"Pioneers of Television" offers next Tuesday, Sept. 9, what does appear to be a must-see hour tribute to Robin Williams, titled "Robin Williams: A Pioneers of Television Special," airing at 9 p.m. on PBS. Not many other details, other than this program note: 

This tribute to actor and comedian Robin Williams features one of his last full-length interviews for the PIONEERS OF TELEVISION series, including never-before-seen comments on his life and comedic and dramatic work, as well as tributes to Williams by those who knew and worked with him, and clips from his career.

Yes, Williams was more of a comedy pioneer than a television one perhaps — only two TV series, the first one indeed groundbreaking. But Williams profoundly impacted the medium in many other ways; am sure this special will get into that.

Above, a quick clip from his interview for "PoTV" last May (the episode titled "Acting Funny").


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