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"Romantically Challenged" producer: Please...




  Ricky Blitt, creator of the new Alyssa Milano comedy that launches Monday sent this out to critics recently:

Dear beloved journalists,

I am the creator of "Romantically Challenged," and since I'm emotionally and
socially challenged as well, I asked if I could include a little note atop
this email blast.  It would mean a lot to me and at least one of my parents if you could please watch the second episode we're posting now as well - I really think this will be helpful in understanding the direction of the show.  I am also available to visit each of your homes and act both episodes out with a small group of repertory players who will
also serve snacks.

Thank you and God bless,

Ricky Blitt
"Romantically Challenged"

  (I'm sold! Will Alyssa be showing up at the house next week too? Or Kyle Bornheimer? And what kind of snacks?) 



"...comes a comedy about four romantically challenged
friends in their early thirties navigating their way through today's tricky
world of dating.

Smart and beautiful Rebecca is recently divorced after 15 years of marriage.
Having never really dated before she was married - and not having been on a
date since Clinton was in office -- she finds it scary to start over now.
Although a gifted mom and lawyer, she is clueless about dating and hopes to
get some help from her equally romantically challenged friends."

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