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'Rush' review: USA's new great doctor, bad boy is no 'House'

Tom Ellis as Dr. William Rush in the

Tom Ellis as Dr. William Rush in the pilot episode of USA's "Rush." Credit: USA Network / Alan Zenuk


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WHAT IT'S ABOUT It's the '80s all over again on TV -- cocaine here, cocaine there (also in FX's new Thursday 10-11 p.m. half-hours, "Married" and "You're the Worst"), cocaine everywhere.

But it's also the 2000s all over again, too. Because the dude rolling through "Rush" is a great-doctor bad boy, a la Hugh Laurie in "House."

When Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis) drops his hot-blonde overdose date on a hospital doctor bud (Larenz Tate) by saying, "She's a total mess," we know he's talking about himself. In between snorts, Rush races around Los Angeles with his doctor gear, serving abusive ballplayers, gangsta jefes and the occasional billion-dollar producer with a body-part problem best left undescribed here. "We don't discriminate, we don't judge," we take five-figure cash in advance -- these are Rush's rules to live by.

MY SAY So don't judge. Or you will find not only Rush but "Rush" a deal breaker. Sure, the guy has some heart in there somewhere just itching to come out, but come on. Dude's a disaster. At least House helped dying kids and afflicted folk between pill pops. Rush helps the horrible while high himself.

Does it make for colorful characters in intense/absurd situations? Sure. It even makes for superfluous graphic sex and expletives. Have fun, if you wish, thinking this makes the show "adult."

BOTTOM LINE With "Satisfaction" an hour later proving even USA now knows what adult TV can really be, "Rush" doesn't deliver one.


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