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Ryan Seacrest to co-host Olympics closing ceremony

TV star Ryan Seacrest posted this photo with

TV star Ryan Seacrest posted this photo with the U.S. gymnastics team. (July 26, 2012) Credit: Instagram

"American Idol” host .?.?. E! anchor .?.?. NBC “Today” show add-on .?.?. New Year's Eve maestro .?.?. reality show producer .?.?. Olympics jack-of-all-TV-trades .?.?. radio guy -- and probably a bunch of other stuff I can't think of for the moment -- Ryan Seacrest will add another notch to his almost-too-good-to-be-true resume: Olympics closing ceremony co-host.

He just announced on “Today” and the gig's a big deal, prestigious in its own funky way, and certain to be one of the visible roles of any on these games. It makes sense because the closer will feature many musical acts -- rumors include any major British act you can think of -- and that's in Ryan's wheelhouse. The “Today” crew will be heading home for a big Monday show that (per NBC) will boast a bunch of gold medal winners.

Seacrest has gotten whacked in a few corners of the press, though a Hollywood Reporter-sponsored poll determined that most viewers were satisfied with his performance. I'd throw in with their lot: No one expected him to go to London to offer a detailed analysis of the women's 4 X 400. They expected him to spread a little bit of that Rycrest stardust and he's done just that. He's a facile performer, and that facility will be expected during the closer's, too.

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