Yes, the rumor has been swirling for about an hour, but I can now tell you that it's true:

 Sarah Palin is  joining Fox as a contributor.

 Emails are out to FNC - but they're being delinquent in getting back to me.

  But it's true: Sarah and Bill and Sean and Glenn...

  The gang's all here! 

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Key points of the New  York Times piece by Jim Rutenberg who broke this on-line just before 1 p.m.:

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 1.) She'll be on the air on a regular basis.

2.) It's multiyear. "Multiyear" usually means more than two, so I'm thinking three-four.

3.) No regular program, but will  host "occassional series."

 This is huge news and let me tell you why, unless you haven't already figured it out too: It's almost inconceivable now that she'll run in 2012.

  Key word is "multi-year." You simply can't mount a campaign for the presidency and appear on TV at the same time; equal time rules, of course, don't apply on cable, but the simple fact that Palin-as-candidate would have to be on the road...get campaign staffs in order...launch a campaign which is like launching a big ship...She'd simply have to walk away from her new commitment here at Fox. 

  Of course, she did leave Alaska early. So...

  But I kid. The run for the Oval office is now out of the question.

  More stuff to consider: She may be coming to New York. Sure, yeah, of course, you can handle this "contributing" job from Alaska, but that's called "phoning it in." She needs to be in the studio, right there NEXT to Sean. None of this silly Skype business...

  Naturally, we should have all seen this coming - and I suppose we did. HarperCollins - a News Corp. unit - published her book, and I wonder if the new deal means another book? I sure wouldn't be surprised. "Going Rogue" is/still-is-I-imagine a publishing industry phenom. 

  Is this a smart hire for Fox? Oh my God, I'm embarrassed to even ask the question. It's brilliant. Perfect. Ideal. A match made in TV heaven. Roger Ailes will give her time to get her skills in order, and slowly slowly slowly bring her into the primetime orbit. He doesn't want to overuse her at first - any mistakes, gaffs, etc. will be jumped on by the press, which loves to jump on Sarah when the opportunity presents.  She'll sit next to Sean some nights, I imagine - the two of them talking about the "insanity" of the Obama administration, etc., and viewers will eat it up. 

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  I'm thinking more of Sean than Bill O. I'm not entirely certain those two - Bill and Sarah - are on the same wavelength. Of course, Glenn will go to her as well. 


PHOTOS: Sarah Palin through the years