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Sarah Palin: New tv show





  If anyone still has any doubts about Sarah Palin's TV objectives then please head over to Entertainment Weekly which this morning reports that she is shopping a "docudrama" to the Big Four networks, under the auspices of Mark Burnett.

  It's described as a "Planet Earth" type project, about Alaska, which sounds wonderful - except that "Planet Earth" was not a docudrama. Check out the clip below - the BBC-produced program was the most beautiful production in all of TV history. Burnett's not exactly a product of the BBC Nature unit, from whence it came, but he certainly can do spectacular nature work - as evidenced by his terrific "Eco-challenge" which was the best work he ever did. Unfortunately - when production superstardom arrived after "Survivor" - he spread himself too thin, with a bunch of dross. Who knows what this will be....

  I wonder if any of the networks will pick this up, considering Palin's big deal with Fox News; in fact, Fox would be a likely destination except that this is not exactly a network known for "Planet Earth" type productions.

  In fact, "Planet Earth" - over its many hours - was fundamentally an earnest plea for environmental protection, and for preservation, and often functioned as a reminder - stark and thrillingly beautiful - of what would be lost, and indeed what will be lost.

  Somehow, I just can't imagine this is what Sarah Palin and Mark Burnett have in mind. But it certainly is intriguing, and - once again - I wonder  how Fox News feels about its high-priced and high-profile on-air consultant selling something of this magnitude to some other network. A reason why it will likely end up at Fox...

 Here's a good, clear representative clip of "Planet Earth." Again, I simply can not believe this is what SP andd MB have in mind, although Lord knows, Alaska is one of the truly grand places on the planet....You can even see Russia from there....




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