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Sarah Sellers sings, Jovany Barreto goes shirtless on 'American Idol'

Sarah Sellers, a tall drink of cool water in a red dress, gets quizzed about her lips by Steven Tyler. So he asked a 16-year-old about her legs yesterday, now this . . .

She unspools Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" and the judges are hushed. There's a controlled quality to her singing, Tyler really likes her voice. I do, too, it's intense and she clearly cares.

"One of the best we've heard," Jennifer Lopez says. Yeah, she's a pro.

Next is Jovany Barreto, who works in a shipyard and whose parents are from Cuba. He's been dared to take his shirt off in front of J.Lo.

He belts out a song in Spanish by Luis Miguel and he's very passionate. For some odd reason after he's done he goes off on a tribute to Lopez. He has a voice. He should save the rest of that for later!

Tyler oddly says "it was very delicious." He makes it through.  

Then Barreto takes off his shirt; Randy Jackson and Tyler show their chests off a bit, too.




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