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'Saturday Night Live' takes on the Kardashians


Kardashians Credit: Getty Images

Loved "Saturday Night Live's" "Kim's Fairytale Divorce" but there was only one problem: This could be a premonition of things to come. In fact, why shouldn't there be a divorce special, with cameras present in the lawyers' office, and cameras present at the post-divorce party, and cameras present when Kim and Khloe have a quiet cry over in the corner, and cameras present when Bruce and Kris have a quiet cry over in the corner? 

Of course there would be a price tag on every tear: One tear equals $35,000; a full-blown weep is worth at least $100,000. It'd be hard to match the alleged $17 million wedding payout, but  there has to be some monetary value in divorce, right? After all, the lawyers shouldn't be the ones making all the money. 

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