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School's out for summer for these TV grads

Michael J. Fox made Alex lovable and cool

Michael J. Fox made Alex lovable and cool on "Family Ties." Credit: AP

This week, high school students across Long Island will don caps and gowns and say goodbye forever to their high school years -- just like these five TV students:

Arthur Fonzarelli, Class of '59 (Henry Winkler, "Happy Days") Yes, TV's most famous dropout decided eventually that school was cool. He enrolled in night school and after some touch-and-go moments was allowed to participate with Richie and his pals at Jefferson High's commencement (and was named valedictorian of the night school, to boot).

Alex Keaton, Class of '84 (Michael J. Fox, "Family Ties") Alex is devastated when he's not chosen valedictorian -- and his girlfriend Rachel (Daphne Zuniga) is.

Donna Martin, Class of '93 (Tori Spelling, "Beverly Hills 90210") Donna's attendance at commencement was jeopardized because she had been suspended for getting drunk at the prom. But her classmates rose up, made a ruckus, and finally a school board hearing ruled that she could attend graduation -- if she enrolled in a substance abuse program.

Rachel Berry, Class of '12 (Lea Michele, "Glee") In a plot development that set the show off on a totally different trajectory, Rachel and other key members of New Directions graduated McKinley High School. (Rachel left Lima for the Big Apple and the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts.)

Alex Dunphy, Class of '15 (Ariel Winter, "Modern Family") The Dunphys' middle child was class valedictorian and is headed for Caltech.

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