Good Morning
Good Morning

Scott Dangerfield gets lots of respect from the judges (and himself) on 'American Idol'

Albert Rogers III does this odd Barack Obamaish impression on "American Idol," then sings "Stand By Me" in a husky, slow voice -- unfortunately it just isn't very good. He looked like he would have all the tools, but is just off-key.

"I thought it was terrible and a joke," says Randy Jackson. "Do we even need to vote?"

Floppy-haired Scott Dangerfield, who might have a bit too much self-love for me, busts out with "Dreaming," and is pretty darn good. H'es got  a nice soul tone and sincerity.

"You might be my favorite I've seen so far," says Jennifer Lopez. Other judges love him, too. "This is the unassuming season," Randy says.

Didn't seem like Scott was unassuming to me, but who knows. Surprisingly good voice for sure.

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