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Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud try to be Billy Joel on 'American Idol'

Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud are back on "American Idol," doing "Tell Her About It," together. Best part is when Matt sings the "come on, Sally" lyric and kicks to Scott.

Not a great song for them, they're like Billy Joel Jr. Jr. Jr. They seem to be having a ball, though. Nice to see them again; if I close my eyes I can pretend Adam Lambert is coming up next to jolt us with some crazy original interpretation. 

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TALK: Were you glad to see Scott and Matt back, or could you care less? Is anyone this season anywhere near as creative as Adam Lambert? Click on "Add a comment" at the bottom of this post, or e-mail me and I'll post it for you.

Comment from Cindy:
I don't think Matt Giraud deserved the comment about the Billy Joel Jr. Jr. etc. This was a song they did on tour that "Idol" asked them back then to do. Matt has a new single w. Anna Wilson called "You Don't Know Me" that is amazing! Please go give it a listen on Itunes, and then tell me what you think about his voice. He has been writing a lot of great new stuff that will be coming out, and I don't think it is fair to judge him the way you did. Let me know what you think about the single. I am a huge fan of his, and want to see him go far.

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