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Scotty McCreery and his 'rosy cheeks' a hit with Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol'

Scotty McCreery is doing his second song, picked for him by the mercurial Jimmy Iovine on "American Idol." They've had their ups and downs. This time, Scotty gets "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not." 

He busts out the guitar. This is like his sweet spot, gyrating and singing simply. Better energy than the first time around, but the judges are a bit spaced out, not really listening. 

Steven Tyler liked it. Jennifer Lopez liked his little mannerisms and how he acted out the song, then asks him to shave his head for the finale so she can see his short hair with his "rosy cheeks."

Everyone's laughing and she's forced to tell Randy Jackson "I'm a married woman!" after he teases her about kissing him.

Randy compares him to Garth Brooks, and says he's in it to win it. 

That's the thing about "Idol" this year -- it's much more relaxed and fun, even if it doesn't have the creative edge and unpredictability Simon Cowell brought to the show. 




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