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'Scrubs' premiere: The gang teaches med students

Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke in

Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke in "Out First Day of School," the "Scrubs" season premiere on ABC. Credit: ABC

The gang has left Sacred Heart Hospital for the hallowed halls of academe, where they will teach young unsuspecting victims how to dissect a cadaver or learn the difference between an aortic valve and a kneecap. They are now the academic overseers of medical students at a place called Winston University, with each bringing his or her own style of erudition to the classroom.

J.D. (Zach Braff) likes the tweedy look and thinks of schooling as "edutainment." He even dispenses Miley Cyrus CDs after class, or glow-in-the-dark necklaces so he can see students in the darkened classroom. Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley) tends to be less touchy-feely - referring to students not by name but a number determined by how much he's thinking about them at any given moment. (Yes, it tends to be confusing to students as well.)

There also are the new students, like Lucy (Kerry Bishe) who finds Cox intimidating; or shameless cad Cole (Dave Franco, "Greek"), who skates through school because his family gave a big chunk of money to the building committee. There's also Drew

(Michael Mosley), who's not afraid to stand up to Cox, although he must suffer the consequences when he does.

MY SAY When is a show "over"? "Over," that is, because it's been on for so long, or over because the jokes have gotten old, or over because it's done everything (twice, three times) and there's absolutely nothing left to do. This isn't a trick question. The answer would appear to be "Scrubs." It's over, so over over over . . . Right?

Wrong. It rises again, the vampire of sitcoms. A ninth season. Wow. In fact, a change of scenery has done "Scrubs" a world of good. The new students are funny. McGinley is great as always - so, too, is Turk (Donald Faison).

BOTTOM LINE It all feels, improbably, fresh. (But how . . . much . . . longer?) Fans, real fans, should be pleased to see their old friend back.



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