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'Seinfeld' quiz: Test your knowledge

"Seinfeld" cast members. Photo Credit: NBC

On May 31, 1990, almost a year after the "Seinfeld" pilot aired on July 4, 1989, the series about nothing joined the NBC schedule for good. Originally called "The Seinfeld Chronicles," the beloved sitcom was shortened to just "Seinfeld" when it returned that spring.

The series lasted nine seasons and continues to draw fans via syndication, even a quarter of a century later.

How well do you know the iconic show?


What was Kramer's first name?

Michael Richards stars as Kramer, who has taken

Photo credit: NBC / George Lange


What was the name of the male support garment that Kramer created for Frank Costanza?

Michael Richards Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason

Photo credit: NBC


Who supplied the voice for Yankees boss George Steinbrenner?

Yankees logo

Which New York Met was "second spitter" in the "JFK" parody sequence featuring Keith Hernandez?

Mets' Keith Hernandez is seen at Shea Stadium.

Photo credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams


What was the name of the coffee shop where the gang hung out?

Photo credit: NBC / George Lange


What was the name of the wealthy man who employed Elaine?

Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis Dreyfuss and

Photo credit: NBC


What embarrassment did George endure when he visited The Hamptons?

Jason Alexander plays the insecure, balding George Costanza

Photo credit: AP


What was the name of Jerry's annoying uncle?

Jerry Seinfeld

Photo credit: NBC / George Lange


Fill in the blank: These ______ are making me thirsty.

The main cast of

Photo credit: NBC


In the series finale, the main cast members

The cast of NBC's popular comedy series

Photo credit: AFP


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