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Self-doubt for Janell Wheeler and Aaron Kelly in 'American Idol' room three

Shelby Dressel, who forgot "Since You've Been Gone" in her auditions, then swore, for some reason cracking everyone up, is in room three, as 'American Idol' cuts to its top 24 semifinalists.

She forgets the lyrics again rehearsing with the band; I think she's the one who was born with no muscular control over part of her face. Sang "More Than a Feeling," not bad, remembered her words.

Aaron Kelly, who I liked, the high school kid who looks like he's in a boy band, totally forgot his words though. What he sings he does well, with feeling, "Angel." Gotta root for him.

Ashley Rodriguez does a sultry version of "Battlefield," has a very pop look, and sound. Lee Dewyze and Joe Munoz get a few seconds of positive screen time; as does -- Haeley Vaughn. Does a great, personal take on "I'm Yours," Kara says "awesome" afterwards.

Janell Wheeler, who's having vocal issues, picks a good song with "Love Story," totally fits her voice and image. Ellen doesn't agree afterwards, apparently; and she's all crying, thinks she blew it. I think she'll be fine; Tim Tebow fans everywhere agree.

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