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Seth McFarlane, Patton Oswalt, possibly Carol Burnett and more in new fall TV shows

Carol Burnett may be returning to TV as

Carol Burnett may be returning to TV as an eccentric former actress in "Household Name." Photo Credit: Polk

The broadcast networks will announce their fall lineups next week. What’s new? Lots, but there’s not much officially locked into place just yet. In the meantime, here’s a look at the definites, alongside some intriguing hopeful/maybes.


‘Ten Days in the Valley’

The show marks the TV return of Kyra Sedgwick as a TV producer of cop shows whose daughter goes missing.

Reason to get excited Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko, from “Lost”) is in the cast, and so is Malcolm-Jamal Warner. This 10-episode series has already been ordered.

‘The Inhumans’

Another lock (this is Marvel, after all) is this long-expected adaptation of the comic series about a ruler of a genetically altered race (the inhumans). Bolt (Anson Mount) has a specific talent: He’s got the loudest yell in the universe.

Reason to get excited Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton of “Game of Thrones”) is in the Inhuman house.

‘Household Name’

If ordered, this could mark the TV return of Carol Burnett, who plays an eccentric former actress who sells her house but still lives there when the new family moves in.

Reason to get excited Burnett, of course, but also the production team, which includes Amy Poehler.

‘Losing It’

It’s about three adult siblings, but what really stands out here is the cast, which includes Jon Cryer.

Reason to get excited The rest of the cast, which includes Natalie Morales, Sam Huntington, Gerald McRaney and Sharon Lawrence.

‘Jalen vs. Everybody’

Jalen Rose, the former Indiana Pacer (and briefly a Knick and more recently an ESPN analyst) in a prime-time comedy? What will they think of next?

Reason to get excited This single-cam about a single dad actually has buzz, while showrunner Nahnatchka Khan is fresh off “Fresh Off the Boat,” and before that “American Dad!,” where she was a co-executive producer.

‘The Gospel of Kevin’

An average guy, Kevin (Jason Ritter), is on a mission from God to save the world.

Reason to get excited Ritter is one of those stars still waiting to become a STAR. (No, “Us & Them” did not do the trick.) Will this be his big moment?



A SWAT officer (played by Shemar Moore of “Criminal Minds”) is torn between the job and the streets. What to do? It’s based on the 2003 Samuel L. Jackson movie.

Reason to get excited Admittedly this looks grim — “Training Day” déjà vu all over again? — except that Moore deserves his shot, and the production team includes Shawn Ryan. Hopefully he’ll bar the cliches at the door.

‘Navy SEAL’

Not exactly the official title just yet, but the idea is conveyed. This is as close to a lock as locks can get, because of the addition of David Boreanaz (“Bones”) to the cast. Jim Caviezel and Jessica Paré (“Mad Men”) are also on board.

Reason to get excited Will Boreanaz/Paré become TV’s next Brennan/Booth, or next Megan/Don? Either way, it sounds promising.

‘Me, Myself and I’

It’s about a guy during three stages of his life, with one of those lives played by “SNL’s” Bobby Moynihan.

Reason to get excited John Larroquette plays Bobby’s character in the future. Should be fun to see how producers manage this flash-forward balancing act.

‘Young Sheldon’

This straight-to-series Chuck Lorre prequel to “The Big Bang Theory” stars Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper, age 9, in east Texas.

Reason to get excited This will be a single-cam, which promises a different vibe and perhaps entirely different approach than the parent series.


‘For God and Country’

The network just picked up this drama about the sacrifices of America’s “bravest military heroes” for a full series, perhaps seeing it as a cultural-zeitgest blockbuster in the making.

Reason to get excited Starring Mike Vogel and Anne Heche, this sounds like an unapologetic flag-waver, which is reason enough for plenty of viewers.


Already ordered to series, Jason Katims’ semi-musical is about Lou Volpe, the drama teacher at a high school in Levittown, Pennsylvania, who inspired a town (and book, Michael Sokolove’s “Drama High,” from which this will be adapted).

Reason to get excited Josh Radnor and Rosie Perez as the leads, along with a production that should invoke the memory (and legacy) of “Glee.”

‘A.P. Bio’

A professor (Patton Oswalt) gets fired, then goes to work as a high school biology teacher while plotting his revenge.

Reason to get excited Oswalt as a high school biology teacher, obviously. It also stars Glenn Howerton (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”).

‘The Sackett Sisters’

Two sisters who don’t get along do something heroic, and then have to be famous together.

Reason to get excited Casey Wilson, Busy Philipps and Bradley Whitford star, while Tina Fey and Robert Carlock oversee production.



From and starring Seth McFarlane, along with “Friday Night Lights’” Adrianne Palicki, comes this show about a crew aboard an intergalactic spaceship, 300 years from now. This one will go straight to series (as will a new season of “The X Files”).

Reason to get excited McFarlane knows his space — and space operas — well, so this should have a certain comfort level. Plus it just sounds so deliciously odd.


Craig Robinson and Adam Scott play ghost hunters who stumble upon a threat so huge that the human race may be endangered.

Reason to get excited Of course this is a comedy and could not be otherwise, but it does sound like fun, too.

‘Type A’

A group of loathsome workplace consultants have no friends — except each other.

Reason to get excited Admittedly this one could be a long shot, which is too bad because the cast is good (Eva Longoria, Ken Marino, Kyle Bornheimer, Steve Harris, Andy Richter), and it’s high time corporate efficiency consultants get their own series.


‘Black Lightning’

“Hart of Dixie’s” Cress Williams stars as DC comics black superhero Jefferson Pierce.

Reason to get excited There haven’t been a lot of black superheroes as leads on their own TV series, have there? Michael Colter recently broke through on “Luke Cage,” but that’s Netflix.


Seriously? The reboot cometh, starring Grant Show as Blake Carrington and Nathalie Kelley as Krystle.

Reason to get excited The sheer camp value alone could leave you breathless (or in stitches).

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