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Shakira shakes the hips, quotes Teddy Roosevelt on 'American Idol'

Shakira teams up with Rascal Flatts on 'American Idol,' she glows as always in a red skirt and beige top, singing "Gypsy" in that distinctive tone of hers.

I really like her; she's always trying new things, gives a ton of money to charity, and is now lending her voice to the fight to repeal Arizona's ludicrous immigration law.

Shakira out into the audience; can't really hear Flatts yet, nobody's really paying attention to him anyway. She's dramatic, compelling; nice little smile as she messes around with Rascal.

Ryan asks her what advice she'd have for the contestants next week. She quotes Teddy Roosevelt, "keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground." Ha, how many pop stars even know who TR was?!

Michael Lynche says no shame being in the bottom three this week, everyone did well. And he's safe. So either Siobhan Magnus or Casey James about to leave.

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