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'Sharknado' kills Internet; will it kill ratings?

A pod of spinner sharks is seen through

A pod of spinner sharks is seen through a wave at Midtown Beach in Florida. Credit: AP

"Sharknado 2?" That's inevitable. "Sharknado 3?" Hopefully, that is evitable. But "2" you can bet on. When the numbers come in later, assuming they reflect the Google trend stats, and the Twitter ones, and every other filigree of social media relevance out there, "Sharknado" will be the best-rated mockbuster in Syfy history -- and a happy affirmation of the fact that some of the biggest surprises on TV can come from the most unexpected places, like movies that are so bad they are good.

 And of course, there's always the opposite possbility -- a lot of CGI sharks died needlessly in the making of a trifle that few watched (but those that did, will never look at sharks quite the same way...or tornadoes....or chainsaws....or...).

[Update! The ratings weren't terrible - about 1.4 million viewers seems to be the preliminary figure, and there's not much chance it will go up radically from there, although it will be repeated next Thursday, so that may get an even bigger hit then. Still, I would bet on "S 2.") 

Why the maybe-huge success? You need to look no further than the clip below for a reason -- though if the sight of someone chainsawing his way out of a giant rubberized bag filled with ketchup is not something you care to see before breakfast, then I wouldn't advise a click. Another reason: SyFy pumped up the social media component, fully realizing -- or not (hey, anything combining sharks and tornadoes is something of a crapshoot after all) -- that people would watch and reflexively need an outlet to share their visceral reactions to the viscera, and share they did.

  "Sharknado" also became an unexpected hit among stars and showrunners, who probably wished they'd thought of this in the first place. Most prominent among them -- Damon Lindelof ("Lost," "Star Trek," "Prometheus," and on and on). A sampling:

I am going to write the Sharknado sequel and I am going to do it before Sharknado is over.

For those of you already maligning my ending for SHARKNADO 2, you should know 3 things: Henry Winkler. Leather jacket. Water skis.

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