Sherri Shepherd bid a tearful goodbye to "The View" Monday after seven years on the daytime talk show.

As a cheering audience rhythmically repeated her name, Shepherd wept, finally drying her tears with tissues as she joined fellow co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and the also-departing Jenny McCarthy at the table they had shared with the show's now retired co-creator, Barbara Walters.

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"This is an emotional day for all of us," Goldberg told the crowd, "After seven seasons, Sherri is moving on to different, bigger and better things." The show was taped last Thursday.

Shepherd responded, "I'm so extremely and profoundly grateful," adding, "I tell people, step out of the fear, because I didn't want to take this job, because I'm not a prosecutor, I don't know anything. . . . I have to say, my boss, Barbara Walters, pushed me. I cried in my dressing room for three years saying, 'What am I doing on this table?' "

A highlights reel showed her with guests including Prince and Martha Stewart.

McCarthy made her own goodbyes on the episode that aired Thursday, with a highlights reel of her single season. " 'The View' . . . represented two things for me," McCarthy told the audience. "First was that . . . working as a talk-show host alongside the single most respected female news journalist of all time, Miss Barbara Walters, all I can say . . . is, 'Wow, am I grateful!' Second, was continuing to do what I've always tried to do in any situation I've ever found myself in, which is to learn."

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Monday's show was the last original edition of the season. "The View" will return in the fall with new episodes and new hosts, including Rosie O'Donnell.